There’s a lot of negativity in the media these days about the mining and resources industries and manufacturing industries, but I want to tell you: it doesn’t have to be that way.

We know there’s a lot of good news coming from mining and manufacturing: support for local and regional communities, increasing economic activity, and increasing numbers of great women working in these sectors.

But the challenge remains – how to get these positive stories out there, in an increasingly noisey online world?

I help companies, and marketing and communications teams with this, to communicate the positive impact their companies are having throughout Australian communities. I do this by creating videos that tell engaging human and project stories.

Now, video connects someone with the ‘why’ behind a story, rather than just the ‘what’. Video takes the viewer on a journey much deeper than words or pictures even could, and it leaves a long lasting impression. Now that’s powerful!

We know that the brain is 60 times faster at processing visual images in comparison to words, so the key is: show, don’t tell! Showing your audience video content is a much more compelling way to communicate than telling a message through written content.

So my message to you today is: how can you use video to tell these engaging human and project stories, and communicate these positive impacts your company is having throughout Australian communities?

I’d love to know your thoughts. Thanks