Here’s one way you can continue to serve your customers (and staff teams):

Keep up the communications.

With more people working remotely, business should consider focussing on creating quality video content that will engage, inspire and inform your customers. 🎥

Some video content ideas include:

  • A quick update video
  • A video message from your CEO or management team
  • A series of quick tip videos on product features your customer may not be aware of
  • An interview with your sales team on how they’re helping your customers at the moment 
  • An FAQ video addressing concerns or questions your customers may be having

You’ll not only help support them in these difficult times, but you’ll also remind them you’re still open for business and ready to help. ❤️

My question for your today is: what content are you creating to help support your customers?

If your company needs help with communicating their messages and creating video content, please get in touch with us.

We’d love to help support you too!