Brisbane Video Editing and Post Production

In-house video editing and post-production services in Brisbane.
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Hassle free video editing services

Video editing is like cooking – follow a structured process, but there’s still an art to getting it JUST right.

With over 14 years experience, we have the secret sauce and creative eye to produce your perfect cut that will turn heads and draw attention.

Video editing services in Brisbane for social media marketing
We offer post-production services as a web video production company

Our Brisbane video editing and post production services include:

  • 4K and HD Video Editing in Brisbane, Queensland
  • Motion graphics and design
  • Corporate branded videos
  • Onscreen titles and text captions
  • Animation of graphics and maps
  • Drone video editing
  • Colour correction and grading
  • Audio editing: mix & balance location audio, background music sound effects
  • Voiceover recordings
  • Multi-camera editing (live events, conferences and concerts)
  • Social media video campaigns
  • Mastering of completed videos to high res video files and archival formats
  • Production of videos for television, web and cinema

Avoid a Shock!

There’s nothing worse than spending a whole lot of time and money, only to find out you don’t like the end result!

That’s why we love to collaborate with clients – from the very first step to final delivery – so we can fully understand your needs. This ensures we’re on the same page with you the whole time, and you won’t get a shock at the end. 

We provide a consultation process throughout the post production and editing, to ensure brand voice, style and key elements are suitably conveyed in your videos.

We work with your business throughout the editing process