About Video Production Brisbane

About Us

Video Production Brisbane is a leading Queensland-based video content production business. We deliver people-focussed video content and creative brand content that connects with your audience throughout Australia.

We specialise in the filming and production of corporate and commerical video content, digital video content, marketing videos and training videos.

Our purpose is simple: we help clients tell their story with video.

Throughout the last 14 years we have worked with a range of clients across Australia including Volvo, Asahi Beverages, NAB, Electrolux, Kimberly-Clark, Queensland Museum, Australian state and federal Government, and The University of Adelaide.

With a passion for producing authentic video content that effectively engages and enriches the viewer, we bring a creative flair with a methodical approach and attention to detail to ensure your key messages are communicated.

Our Story (the long version)

From the founder, Edwin Davis:

The reason I started this business was because I was overflowing with ways to help companies and couldn’t contain them within the confines of a job. I wanted to share.

It all begin in 2006, when my brother and I setup a multimedia business in Adelaide converting video tapes to DVDs – remember those classic VHS tapes? My passion in video production soon grew, as I loved the opportunity to create beautiful video content that people wanted to watch.

Throughout that time I discovered two things:

  1. a firm understanding of the technical aspects of video production
  2. how to create videos that authentically tell a story.

In 2016, I sold my Adelaide business and moved up to Brisbane. In a brand new city with minimal connections, I started again from scratch. I shot video content as a freelancer camera operator and producer, while also working a couple of other multimedia jobs.

But it soon became clear to me that I could be more helpful to companies outside the confines of a normal, everyday 9 – 5 job. I also enjoy the opportunity to work with fascinating people across many different industries – from mine sites to cattle stations,  scientists to educators. Every time I’m shooting on location, it’s such a privilege to get an insight into the lives and workplaces of people around our great country.

So in 2019 I formed the business Video Production Brisbane.

Our aim is clear – we help clients tell their story with video.

Stories matter.

The world is becoming more conscious, so businesses are becoming more conscious. Yet the world has become a noisier, more fragmented place. Stories connect people back together again. How do we regain clarity, and understand how we all fit into the bigger story?

Let’s use video to help tell your story.

We help clients tell their story with high quality marketing videos
We specialise in videography services in Brisbane and Queensland
An example of corporate video marketing in Brisbane