For marketing strategies in mining and manufacturing industries, the focus is changing.

It’s shifting away from just TELLING all about your latest product or service, as this is self-focussed and less likely to engage and get customers curious.

Instead, it’s all about the customer: SHOW how the customer will benefit, SHOW their success stories and SHOW their positive outcomes.

Here are some ideas to SHOW this in a visual, engaging way:

  • ✅ Customer testimonial video
  • ✅ Case study video on a customer
  • ✅ A series of video tips around using your product
  • ✅ Time-lapse video of a customer’s project (where they’re using your products or services)

These are all about the customer, so they (and prospective customers) will naturally be interested in watching the videos and engaging.

🎯 Instead of focussing on your company, focus on the positive outcomes for your customer.

This will allow other prospective customers to put themselves in your client’s shoes, and they’ll more clearly see the benefits and get curious about what you do.

How successful if your marketing strategy? And is it customer-focussed?