If you’re creating video marketing content or training videos and need to film outdoors on a construction or mine site, it’s really important to take into account the time of day that you’ll be filming.

☀️ Hard light or soft light?

Early morning and late afternoon give a really different colour and tone of light compared to the middle of the day, and this can really impact the look and feel of the video content you’re creating.

Filming the best mine and construction site video

To ensure the best video footage is captured and the filming goes smoothly, these other factors are also important to be aware of when filming on a mining or construction site:

  • Noise levels of machinery (particularly when recording interviews)
  • Sun and shade positions, and shadows cast by open pit mines or large infrastructure
  • Dust levels
  • Weather conditions and forecast
  • Site operations
  • Permits (especially for aerial drone filming)
  • Other stakeholders on site

What’s your biggest tip that would help when filming outdoors or onsite?

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