Think about this for a moment: apart from face-to-face physical contact, video is the most powerful way to connect with someone. You can hear, you can see, you can sense — sense the emotion of the people involved and connect with the story that’s being told.

Video connects someone with the ‘why’ behind a story, rather than just the ‘what’. Video takes the viewer on a journey much deeper than words or pictures even could, and it leaves a long lasting impression. NOW THAT’S POWERFUL!

It’s so effective, that I believe video is the best way for companies and organisations to communicate their messages and connect customers with their brands, products and services.

Three problems we all face

Working with Australian businesses throughout many industries over the last 14 years, I realised there were three key problems we all experience:

  1. We struggle to capture the attention of customers in an increasingly noisey online world.
  2. We have difficultly connecting with customers on a deeper level.
  3. We know that creating a highly professional brand is crucial, yet many brands and company reputations are damanged through poor use of video.

To solve these frustrations I’ve developed a process for creating highly engaging, people-centric video content that connects more customers and end users to businesses and the message they’re trying to relay.

I help companies succeed in their marketing, messaging and communications, by using video to authentically tell their stories, and by producing videos that create impact, intrigue and influence.

Imagine connecting with your customers on this deeper level. Wherever there is a gap in how you connect with your customers — we can help.

Here are two quotes outlining the approach we take:

“Edwin produced our fundraising video and we couldn’t be happier with both the process and the result. Edwin and his team did a great job of guiding us through the planning and scripting stages of the project before arriving to conduct a highly professional shoot that captured everything we needed without disrupting our busy operations.”

Tim Patrick, Bible College SA.

“The professionalism and creativity behind Edwin and his team is outstanding. When presented with a brief, they exceeded our expectations to create short videos that captivated the audience and added a huge amount of value to our training courses to which they are shown in.”

Rachel Crawford, Suburban Taxis.

What are the biggest challenges facing your sales and marketing efforts, and connecting with your customers? Send me a message to have a chat.
– Edwin