26 year old Brisbane business Face Value Dental chose to work with us for their latest online marketing videos, and yesterday’s shoot brought out plenty of smiles for the camera. 

After last week’s planning it all came together… lights, camera, makeup, actors and action!

These behind the scenes shots capture the team in action. The staff were great to work with and there were lots of laughs and smiles all round.

Planning for a Successful Video Production

When the customer requested 19 online marketing videos, they needed to be confident and trust that we could deliver. So prior to the Brisbane shoot was a week full of careful planning and pre-production.

My planning process for these types of video productions includes:

  • Scoping and planning sessions with the client and all stakeholders
  • Working with the customer to develop the concept for each video
  • Review of the filming locations
  • Creation of the filming schedule, shot list and running sheet for production
  • Organisation of film crew & camera equipment

Phew that’s a lot! But it sure pays to be prepared and take lots of notes, so I know I can deliver on the customer’s vision and requirements.

I look forward to sharing the completed videos with you soon.

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