The size of this loader is huge! (you can see tiny me in the right corner). And sometimes one camera is not enough to capture it all.

If you’re creating a video of a large scale production or operation taking place, it’s important to get it captured adequately.

For these types of large projects, I often suggest to clients we use a variety of cameras and filming techniques. That’s what will create the most engaging video and will impress your audience.

Three techniques that work particularly well include:

1. Aerial & Drone

aerial footage gives a perspective like nothing else, and it helps show the size and scale of large operations. An experienced operator will capture smooth drone footage gives an amazing cinematic feel. You can see some examples of our drone video work here.

2. Time-lapse Video

this is great for capturing lots of activity over a long period of time, such as builds, constructions and crane lifts. Condensing the footage down creates a nice effect that helps tell a large story in a small timeframe.

3. Slow Motion Video

Wherever there is fast movement of big machinery, slow motion video is a must have. It adds drama and depth to the video, which increases viewer attention, allowing them to take in every fine detail. It’s a great way to highlight what you can’t normally see with the naked eye.

What are the biggest challenges facing your team in capturing your large scale operations or projects? Get in touch with us here to talk about your next project.