Last week I was involved in the AV production at Brisbane Writers Festival, and had the opportunity to see a session by Australian author Lili Wilkinson.

Lili talked about the concept of Sparkly Ideas!

Now, Lili was actually talking to school-aged children about creative writing, but I wanted to share this with you because it applies perfectly to video production for branded content and marketing teams.

For sparkly ideas, think fireworks or shiny objects that attract your interest. They’re bright, full of movement and wonder, and demand your attention to keep looking.

More engaging video content

How can we make stories more interesting to read; or in our case, to watch? Rather than settling for the first idea that pops into your mind, what’s a sparkly idea that will better engage viewers? Rather than a safe, predicable corporate video, what’s a sparkly idea that’s guaranteed to keep your viewers watching until the very end?

The key question to ask yourself

To master the concept of sparkly ideas, a key question to keep asking at every stage of the creative video production process is, “how can I make this more interesting?

I mean, so many corporate and brand videos these days are just plain boring or too predictable. You want to avoid repeating this mistake.

4 other questions to ask during video production

  • Can we develop a concept for this video that’s more impactful than the easy, predictable way of doing it?
  • Can we capture a different camera angle or use another shooting style that gives better insight to the viewer?
  • Can we change up the pace in the video editing to add intrigue or emotion?
  • Can we use sound design to more deeply immerse the viewer?

This process involves thinking outside the box – adding some sparkle, adding some intrigue, adding something a bit different than the norm.

Give your video the best chance to connect with your audience

For marketing managers, when you come to create concepts for your business videos, brand videos or content production, what’s your sparkly idea? Keep asking yourself “how can I make this morning interesting?” This will help give your videos greatest impact, intrigue and influence.

I like the concept of sparkly ideas. It’s a simple phrase to keep in your mind throughout the video production process, and it gives your video the best chance of connecting with your audience and achieving the outcomes you want.

These top video marketing companies may be able to assist you with creating your sparkly ideas.

What’s your sparkly idea?

Do you have any sparkly ideas for your video content marketing, or ways to make your videos more interesting? Drop me a line with your thoughts and ideas, I’d love to hear them.

– Edwin

Creative Director and Video Producer
Video Production Brisbane